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Shopping Process


Add your purchases to the cart.

There is a "Add to Cart" button and a "Buy" button on the product page.

When you click the buttons, the items will be added to your cart.

The cart is like a shopping cart, where you can add multiple items to it and pay for them all at once.

Please note that if you order in bulk, all items will be shipped after they are all available.


Please check the items in your cart.

You will see a list of the products in your cart, please check the contents, type (package/download), quantity and price of the products.

If you want to add other products to the cart, you can return to the product sales page and add them to the cart.

You can remove items from your cart by clicking on "Cancel".

*Some products can only be added to the cart as single items.


Proceed to the purchase procedure.

If you are a new customer, please register for an account. If you are already a member, please log in with your ID and password. After logging in, click on "Purchase".


Please fill out the required fields.

Please fill in all fields marked with "Required".

Select your preferred payment method from the "Payment Method" list. Please fill in the required fields for the payment method you have chosen.

Please note that each payment method has a different credit limit.


Please confirm the details of your order.

Please click on "Proceed to confirmation" and confirm your order on the screen.

If you want to change your order, click on the "Return to input screen" button.

Once your order has been confirmed, you cannot change the payment method or details. To change it, you must cancel your order and place another order.


Confirm your order.

Click on the "Confirm Order" button to confirm your order.

You will receive an email to confirm your order to your registered email address.

If you are a first time customer, your membership registration will be completed at the same time as your order is confirmed, and you will receive an email confirming your membership registration to the email address you have provided.

About payment

Payment by bank (prepayment), credit card, cash on delivery

Sales Tax

Prices are shown on the page at tax included.

About Returns

You are not entitled to return or exchange any downloaded products for any reason.

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