Privacy Policy

privacy policy

Article 1 (Scope of application)

This privacy policy applies to the use of this service provided byMajulah Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) and browsing of this site, as a part of this Terms of Use. Users shall be able to use this service and browse this site only if they agree to these terms of service and this privacy policy. If you do not agree to the contents of this Privacy Policy, please close your browser and stop browsing this site immediately.

Article 2 (Definition of terms)

In this Privacy Policy, the following terms shall mean the contents listed in the following items. In addition to the provisions of this section, terms defined in these Terms of Use also mean the same content in this Privacy Policy unless otherwise specified or when the context is clearly different.

·        (1)“Advertising distributor” means an advertising distributor with whom the Company has a contract.

·        (2)"Retained personal data" refers the retained personal data as stipulated by Article 2 Paragraph 7 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Act No. 57 of (2003).

·        (3)“Privacy Policy” refers to the remaster.AI Service Privacy Policy and includes updated content.

·        (4)“Terms of Use” means the terms of use of the remaster.AI Service and includes updated content.

Article 3 (Consent to Privacy Policy)

The user agrees to this privacy policy by signing a usage agreement and using this service or continuing to browse this site.

Article 4 (Information acquired in this service)

The Company may acquire the following information from users in this service. The user cannot use this service if he/she does not agree to the provision of the information listed below

·        (1)User authentication information, information obtained by the registration of this service by the user or change of registered contents, and information obtained through inquiry or contact from the user, including but not limited to the information listed below.

o    Name

o    Email address

o    Company name

o    Telephone number

o    Information from customer support inquiries

o    Reviews or complaints and other user feedback information

·        (2)Information automatically acquired through the use of this service by users or browsing this site.

o    Location information

o    Information on the usage status of this service (including but not limited to information on operation settings, number of file uploads, and device orientation at the time of the crash)

o    Access date and time of this service

o    The OS, application of the device; browser type and version information used when using this service, as well as the pages viewed (including third-party websites used by users before using this service)

o    Device information used when using this service, hardware model, IP address, MAC address and other unique identifiers, selected language, advertisement identifier, serial number, device operation information and mobile network information

o    Voice data sent to us and text data generated by processing user's voice data when using our company’s service.

·        (3)Information obtained through services operated by third parties
If the user allows the Company to obtain user information through a service operated by a third party, the Company may obtain the user's information. In that case, in order to improve this service and provide advertisements that are of interest to users, we may match the information we obtain from users with information obtained from third parties.

Article 5 (Purpose of use)

We use the acquired user information for the following purposes.

·        (1)To receive registration, verify identity, calculate usage fees, and provide, maintain, protect and improve the Service.

·        (2)To improve and enhance the contents of this service, or the development of new services.

·        (3)To customize the contents of this service according to the user.

·        (4)To notify information users regarding the contents of this service, update information, event and campaign information, as well as changes to these Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy.

·        (5)To respond to information, inquiries, etc. regarding this service.

·        (6)To respond to actions that violate these Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy or the User Agreement.

·        (7)To create statistical data on the use of this service.

·        (8)To implement planning, or implementation of proposals for this service.

·        (9)To authenticate users at login or after login when using this service.

·        (10)To make the content and advertisements provided by third parties available to users more convenient for users.

·        (11)To analyze of registration information and usage status.

·        (12)To understand the delivery status of advertisements, measure the effectiveness of advertisements, and display behavioral targeting advertisements.

·        (13)To provide a part of the information to the advertisement distributor (Information that is used in the advertisement service of the advertisement distributor and does not include information that identifies a specific individual).

·        (14)For the distribution or display of advertisements of our company or third parties.

·        (15)For other marketing purposes.

Article 6 (Services provided by third parties)

·        1.The Company may provide information that does not correspond to personal information to third parties in the following cases.

o    (1)When providing information to business partners providing services such as payment processing, data analysis, and customer service in order to provide services in accordance with users’ requests.

o    (2)When providing information to a third-party providing functions and services on our behalf to provide various functions and services through this service.

o    (3)When providing information to an advertisement distributor to distribute advertisements that are of interest to users.

·        2.The Company may provide the acquired personal information to a third party in the following cases.

o    (1)When the user agrees.

o    (2)When the user is deemed to be in violation of the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy of this Service, or the personal information of the user has to be disclosed in order to protect the rights and property of the Company or other users, the Service or the Site.

o    (3)When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the said user.

o    (4)When a national institution or local public entity or a person entrusted with it needs to cooperate in carrying out the affairs stipulated by laws and regulations.

o    (5)In the case of succession of our business including provision of personal information due to merger, company split, business transfer or other reasons.

o    (6)When permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws.

Article 7 (shared use)

·        1.The Company will share the acquired information between our group companies to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use stipulated in Article 5.

o    (1)Information used jointly
Acquired information stipulated in Article 4

o    (2)Scope of parties who shall jointly use the acquired information
The Company’s parent company, Alt, Inc.

o    (3)Purpose of use of joint users
To achieve the purpose of use stipulated in Article 5

o    (4)Management responsible for joint use

·        2.In providing this service, the Company may use the personal information of the user jointly with the business partner when the business partner who cooperates with the company is necessary. In that case, the Company will inform the user of the purpose of sharing, the range of information, the range of business partners and the person in charge.

Article 8 (Personal information Delegation)

The Company may entrust all or part of the handling of personal information to a third party within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use. In that case, we will thoroughly examine the eligibility of the outsourcing contractor, specify the matters concerning confidentiality obligations in the contract, and create a system to properly manage the information.

Article 9 (Disclosure, correction and suspension of use of personal information)

·        1.Limited to when the Company is required to disclose personal information based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law, when there is a request for disclosure from the user himself / herself, the Company will disclose the relevant personal information without delay. When requesting the disclosure of personal information, the user shall submit a document that confirms the identity of the user in accordance with the procedures separately determined by the Company, and pay [1,000 yen] per request as a disclosure fee.

·        2.In the cases listed below, the Company shall make a necessary investigation without delay after confirming that it is a request from the user in accordance with the preceding paragraph, and correct or stop using the contents of personal information based on the results and notify the user to that effect.

o    (1)When personal information is requested to be corrected based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law because it is not true

o    (2)When there is a demand for suspension of use based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law due to the fact that the information was used beyond the scope of the purpose of use that has been publicized in advance, or it has been obtained by deception or other illegal means

·        3.If the user asks for erasure of the personal information of the user, we will confirm that it is a request from the user himself / herself and only if it is deemed necessary by the user erase the said information and notify the user to that effect.

·        4.Upon request for each of the preceding paragraphs, the following contents and other information and materials specified by the Company shall be sent.

o    (1)Name, address, phone number and email address

o    (2)Materials detailing request contents, background and grounds

o    (3)User identification documents

·        5.If the request falls under any of the following items, you may not be able to respond to the claims in paragraphs 1 and 2.

o    (1)When there is a risk of harming the life, body, property or other rights and interests of users or third parties.

o    (2)When there is a risk of significant hindrance to the proper implementation of our business.

o    (3)When there is a risk of violating the law.

o    (4)When it cannot be confirmed that the request is from the user.

Article 10 (Cookie)

·        1.The Company and advertisement distributors may use cookies by sending cookies to users' browsers through this service.

·        2.Users can disable or reject acceptance of cookies by changing browser settings. Please note that part of this service may not work properly if the user disables or rejects cookies.

·        3.If the user accepts cookies, the advertisement distributor will obtain the user's browsing history and other cookie information using this service, and the Company’s advertisements may be distributed on the advertisement distributor's advertising space.

·        4.Advertisers may use cookies, access data, our identifiers and user attribute information to deliver advertisements in line with the user's hobbies, preferences and interests.

·        5.The cookie information of the user acquired by the advertisement distributor will be handled according to the privacy policy of the advertisement distributor.

·        6.Users may be able to stop the use of cookies and access data by the advertisement distributor by accessing the opt-out page of the advertisement distributor and disabling (opting out) it. In that case, ads that match the User’s hobbies, preferences, and interests may not be delivered, or the same ads may be delivered repeatedly.

Article 11 (Link)

This privacy policy does not apply to websites provided by companies other than our company linked from this service when such companies acquire user information. The Company assumes no obligations or responsibilities for the operator to obtain user information.

Article 12 (Inquiries)

If you have comments, questions, inquiries regarding the handling of user information, or requests based on Article 9, please contact us via the [form].

Article 13 (Changes and Updates)

·        1.The Company shall change or update this Privacy Policy from time to time, and when this Privacy Policy changed or updated by the Company is posted on this site or other websites designated by the Company or sent to users by e-mail or other means, the changed or updated Privacy Policy shall apply to subsequent use of the Service and browsing this site.

·        2.When using this service, it is the user's duty to always check the latest contents of this privacy policy. If this privacy policy is posted or transmitted in the manner described above, the user shall not argue based on the grounds of that they were unaware of this privacy policy regardless of whether they are negligent or not. If the user does not agree to the contents of this changed or updated privacy policy, the user can cancel the usage agreement and terminate the use of this service in accordance with these terms of service.

By continuing use this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and our use of cookies.